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Please be aware that as all our dishes are cook to order and as a result of this whilst every effort is made to have your order ready at your chosen time there may be delays at busy periods.
All orders must be submitted by 11:45am
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Order Details:
Names:Fill in names:
G - Gluten Free / *** - Spicy / V - Vegetarian
Bento Box Order
Thai beef salad G,***
Vegetarian spring roll  
Traditional Chicken sate G
Wok fried chilli squid G, ***
Panko breaded brie G
Wok fried spicy chicken salad G, ***
Duck spring roll  
Select one starter, one main and a side for your Bento Box (fruits come automatically)
Main Course
Massaman Chicken Curry G
Chicken Rendang G
Spicy Chicken Basil G
Crispy Chicken G
Deep Fried Seabass G
Wok fried tofu G
Stir fried turkey breast G
Stir fried sirloin of beef G
Wok fried ginger prawns(€2 supp) G
Side Orders
Steamed Rice  
Organic Brown Rice (.50 supp)  
Fried Rice (.50 supp)  
Chips (€2 supp)  
Fried Noodles (€2 supp)  
Lunch Menu Order
Lite Bites
Panko breaded Brie V
Prawn tempura G
Grilled Beef gyosa  
Handmade spring rolls, a choice of
Vegetable with sweet chilli dip V
Duck with hoi sin sauce  
Healthy bites
Edamame Beans G,V
Wok fried chilli squid G,***
Miso soup V
Tofu, Broccoli, Asparagus & Cashew Nuts G,V
Spicy chicken salad G,***
Soup & Salads
Hot & Sour Tomato Soup G,V
House Salad* and Roasted Duck with Hoi Sin Sauce G
House Salad* with Grilled Fresh Salmon G
House Salad* and Grilled Chicken with Asian Barbeque Sauce G,V
Vietnamese Mango Salad G,V
Thai Beef Salad G
* House Salad: Mixed lettuce, avocado, strawberry, kiwi, cucumber, cilantro, crushed peanuts, fresh ginger and cherry tomatoes
Rice and Noodles
Choose either Mama Egg Noodle or Papa Rice (G) (organic brown or traditional white rice) Wok fried with your choice of:
Papa Rice  
Mama Noodles  
Prawn & chicken combo  
Vegetarian V
Traditional Nasi Goreng V
-Vegtarian Option available  
Phad Thai: G,V
Vegetarian G,V
Prawn & Chicken Combo
Mains and House Specialities
Thai Green Chicken Curry ***
Asian Chicken burger  
Naan bread/chicken sate  
Thai yellow curry, with; G,V
Indonesian Chicken Rendang g,***
Traditional fish and chips  
Crispy fillets of seabass
Asian Grilled Salmon G
Asian Fries  
Prawn Crackers  
Special Fried Noodles  
Massaman Lamb Curry G,V
All of the above main courses, with the exception of naan bread pockets, are served with wok fried vegetables and a choice of steamed, fried or organic brown rice. Special fried noodles or French fries carry a €1.50 supplement.
Extra Sides
Sweet potato tempura fries V
Asian fries G,V
French fries G,V
Special fried noodles V
Edamame beans G,V
Tofu, Broccoli, Asparagus & Cashew Nuts G,V
Fire Potatoes G
Special Requirements